By Corbett

 - March 10, 2017

Around the year 2000, the global consumer goods company, Unilever, began to realise the great potential of Allanblackia seeds as a new source of oil that could be used in their products, and set out to purchase seeds in a socially and environmentally conscious manner. After more than a decade of work, Allanblackia margarine can finally be found on shelves in Europe (Swedish).

It’s a start. Creating a market for the consumption of Allanblackia can provide an opportunity to contribute to the long-term development and alleviation of poverty in the rural communities where it grows. Its oil has the potential to become a valuable commodity which can provide a new source of additional income for local communities. If these communities can scale-up Allanblackia production in a sustainable way, the benefits to local residents and the environment can increase manifold. 

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Category: Uses

Country: Sweden