The oil from the Allanblackia tree in tropical Africa has the potential to become a valuable commodity. Developing this natural resource in a sustainable way can create benefits for the local people and the environment. Our hope is that our work to develop Allanblackia in a sustainable way from the ground up can become a model for developing local natural resources in other parts of the world.

The Allanblackia Partnership is a unique public-private partnership including local communities, non-governmental organisations, donor agencies and private companies formed in 2002 to facilitate increased Allanblackia production in a sustainable way for all of its benefits.

The commitment of all partners in the Allanblackia partnership is to make progress in the development of this new crop based on the following key guidelines:

  • Delivery of social benefits and improving the livelihood of households in African communities, and
  • Conserving biodiversity by maintaining wild trees in the forest and through planting trees in deforested and degraded areas (Forest Landscape Restoration).

The partners are committed to the conservation of our global habitat, including the tropical forests in Africa where Allanblackia grows. Developing the use of Allanblackia seeds, which were formerly hardly used, into a marketable non-timber forest product, contributes directly to this goal. The sustainable production and marketing of these seeds, with mechanisms to ensure the benefits get to local communities, can generate income and promote the environmentally friendly local use of tropical forests and agricultural lands.


The Allanblackia partnership is a public-private partnership  that focuses on the sustainable use of Allanblackia seeds

Local partners are key for the Allanblackia Partnership, they constitute the link with local producers and bring their expertise and local knowledge to the partnership