An African Tree to Benefit Africa and Beyond

The true beauty of Allanblackia is not in its shiny leaves or hanging fruits, or even in the clarity of the oil. It is in its potential to use a local African tree to benefit African people and African landscapes. But its potential does not stop there.

Allanblackia can be a model for how to build a sustainable value chain in other parts of the world based on local resources with clear benefits to the local communities, the climate, and consumers around the world.

Even after over a decade of work, Allanblackia is still in its infancy compared to what it could become. Already, Allanblackia is providing additional income to local communities, helping to restore degraded landscapes, and helping establish fair ways to share the benefits among participants.

Right now, those benefits are limited because the current practice of seed collection through wild harvesting cannot keep up with the demand for Allanblackia. If done properly, increasing Allanblackia production can increase these benefits and more.

That is our challenge—to find sustainable ways to grow and develop Allanblackia into a sustainable commodity, and to make sure the social, economic, and environmental benefits from it continue to grow as well.