To ensure social and environmental sustainability, and to help assure consumers that Allanblackia truly is a sustainable oil, Allanblackia oil must adhere to an accepted international sustainability standard. Allanblackia has earned certification from the Union for Ethical BioTrade (UEBT) as a sustainably-sourced commodity.

The Ethical BioTrade standard is designed to ensure that sourcing activities advance local development and contribute to biodiversity conservation. At early stages of the development of the Allanblackia supply chain, UEBT worked with partners and local communities to outline sustainable practices. Since, local processing companies and thousands of local producers were trained to collect and store Allanblackia nuts according to the standard.

The Ethical BioTrade standard of UEBT is based on seven core principles:
     1. Conservation of biodiversity
     2. Sustainable use of biodiversity
     3. Fair and equitable sharing of benefits derived from the use of biodiversity
     4. Socio-economic sustainability (production, financial, and market management)
     5. Compliance with national and international legislation
     6. Respect for the rights of actors involved in BioTrade activities
     7. Clarity about land tenure, right of use, and access to natural resources

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