A Welcome Economic Boost

In the countries where Allanblackia grows, many rural residents have limited access to cash income. As an additional source of income, gathering, growing, and producing Allanblackia can provide the cash required to buy necessary supplies or to send children to school.

As many agricultural commodities only produce income at certain times of the year, income from Allanblackia can help fill the gaps. The additional income enjoyed by those currently harvesting Allanblackia seeds and producing Allanblackia oil has sparked interest from others in the region.

As Allanblackia develops as a commodity, exports could also contribute to national economies.

Allanblackia: A tree for Africa and its people

The true beauty of Allanblackia is in its potential to use a local African tree to benefit African people and African landscapes. But its potential does not stop there.