The Allanblackia partners have performed a variety of economic, social, and environmental research since 2002, much of which is ongoing. The document library on this site and the individual partner websites contains published reports on a wide range of topics from sustainable domestication and forest landscape restoration to market analysis and benefit sharing. See below a list of links for further information on different aspects of Allanblackia:

General Allanblackia information

Allanblackia : a species of choice

Lessons from Allanblackia (ICRAF) 

Allanblackia – an ingredient to poverty reduction? 


Population structure and natural regeneration of Allanblackia floribunda oliv. (Clusiaceae) in a forest concession of East Cameroon. Jean Louis Fobane1,2, Elvis Nsoh Ndam2,3, Marie Mbolo2

Allanblackia stuhlmannii (description)

Diversity and Population of timber tree species producing valuable non-timber products in two tropical eainforests in Cross River State, Nigeria.  Olajide O., Udo E.S., Out D.O. 2008. Nigeria Journal of Agriculture & Social Sciences, 4: 65–8.


Allanblackia species: a model for domestication of high potential tree crops in Africa.T.Peprah, D. A. Ofori, D. E. K. A. Siaw, S. D. Addo-Danso, J. R. Cobbinah, A. J. Simons, R. Jamnadass

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Chemical properties & composition

Nutrient composition of Allanblackia Paviflora seed kernels and oil compared with some plant fats and oils and application of the oil in soap preparation.  ADUBOFUOR, J., SEFAH, W. & OLDHAM, J. H. 2013. Journal of Cereals and Oil seeds, 4, 1-9.

Medical properties

Antimicrobial and anti-leishmanial xanthones from the stem bark of Allanblackia gabonensis (Guttiferae).  Azebaze A.G., Ouahouo B.M., Vardamides J.C., Valentin A., Kuete V., Acebey L., Beng V.P., Nkengfack A.E., and Meyer M. 2008. Chemistry of Natural Compounds 44(5): 582-587 and Natural Product Research 22(4): 333-341.

Phytochemical Screening and Free Radical Scavenging Activities of the Fruits and Leaves of Allanblackia floribunda Oliv (Guttiferae).  Ayoola G. A, Ipav S. S., Sofidiya M. O, Adepoju-Bello A. A., Coker H. A.B., Odugbem T. O. 2008. International Journal of Health Research 1(2): 87-93

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