As smallholder farmers embrace Allanblackia, it can benefit their livelihoods and go a long way toward meeting future demand for Allanblackia oil in a sustainable way.

Smallholder farms are small, family-operated farms that usually support a single family by providing food and a small income from a few cash crops. While these farms are diminishing and becoming a lifestyle of choice, not necessity, in many affluent countries, they are prevalent in the countries where Allanblackia grows.

Some smallholder farmers fortunate enough to have wild Allanblackia trees on their farms are already seeing the additional income and other benefits of having the trees and producing Allanblackia oil.

To encourage smallholder farmers to take advantage of Allanblackia, the partnership has organized training sessions in local communities for farmers with small and medium-size farms. These sessions cover a variety of aspects of growing Allanblackia, from planting and harvesting tips to developing business plans and sharing models for incorporating Allanblackia into cocoa farms.

Allanblackia: A tree for Africa and its people