Women and children in a village in Ghana

From helping residents secure rights to land and resources to opening doors to education and financing, the development of Allanblackia into a sustainable commodity has helped the people in Allanblackia communities in ways that go far beyond the immediate context of Allanblackia.

Local focus from the start

Village authorities

As a new commodity, Allanblackia offered the opportunity to include local farmers, residents, and governments in the process right from the start. In doing so, Allanblackia is a model for providing ways to ensure all participants share in the benefits of sustainably producing their local resources.

For example, key stakeholders, from farmers and researchers, to companies at various stages of the supply chain, came together to participate in the design of the Allanblackia sustainability standard and verification process. This led to a standard that accurately reflected what it takes to uphold local people’s rights to share in the benefits of developing their natural resources.

Land tenure and rights to resources

In many communities, ownership of land and the natural resources is unclear, and that can become a major problem when the land or a resource on it gains value. As part of developing Allanblackia, local farmers have learned the value and process of clarifying those rights through official processes like tree registration, and many have begun to take advantage of ways to establish their legal rights to land and resources.

An opportunity for men and women

Unlike many development activities, Allanblackia is an opportunity for both men and women. Both men an women gather the seeds and participate in processing, purchasing, and other aspects of the supply chain.

In areas where there are few opportunities for women to earn a cash income, Allanblackia can provide a means for women to earn their own money. The money earned by women often goes to sending children to school, creating opportunities that may not have otherwise been available.

Opening financial doors

Many farmers who are interested in Allanblackia lack the financial resources to invest at the level they want. To help meet these needs, the partnership presented trainings on micro-finance and community banking. These options are applicable beyond just Allanblackia.

Allanblackia: A tree for Africa and its people

A Farmer's Perspective

Environmental Benefits