Allanblackia trees are named after the Scottish botanist Allan Black who was born in 1832 and was the first curator of the Kew Herbarium. Very respected among his peers, he unfortunately died very young in Madras and his fellow botanists named the Allanblackia trees after him in his memory.

The name of the Allanblackia tree used by the indigenous people in Tanzania is actually Msambu, or Mkimbo in Swahili, and it is sometimes called Mkani (Mkanyi, Mkany) in local languages. In the Nigerian area of River State, the local name is Obiobo Obo. Today, many local people involved in the gathering and production of Allanblackia call the tree simply “AB” for short.

The true beauty of Allanblackia is in its potential to use a local African tree to benefit African people and African landscapes. But its potential does not stop there.