A Tree, an Oil, an Opportunity

Allanblackia oil is a vegetable oil that comes from the seeds of the Allanblackia tree found in tropical Africa. Because of its unique composition, the Allanblackia seed's oil is excellent for producing margarines, spreads, and other products. These properties, along with the fact that it is sustainably produced, have created a growing demand for Allanblackia oil.

Currently, men and women from rural villages in Tropical Africa harvest Allanblackia seeds in the wild and crush them to produce the oil. However, wild harvesting does not produce enough oil to meet expected market demands. As an additional cash crop and an indigenous tree to help restore degraded lands, finding sustainable ways to grow and produce more Allanblackia could bring many social, environmental, and economic benefits to these communities.

A number of organizations are working together to develop Allanblackia sustainably. Current practices meet the Union for Ethical BioTrade sustainability standard, and work is continuing to ensure increased production is sustainable and continues to benefit the communities growing the trees.

Allanblackia Partnership organizations are working to establish tree nurseries, domestication of planting stock, and other sustainable means of planting Allanblackia within these guidelines and on establishing ways to ensure the local people and environment continue to benefit from Allanblackia long into the future.

Allanblackia: A tree for Africa and its people

The true beauty of Allanblackia is in its potential to use a local African tree to benefit African people and African landscapes. But its potential does not stop there.